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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Daddy Freeze looks at Hushpuppi's ladies wear to that of Jesus, shades Pastor Fatoyinbo

Cool FM OAP, Daddy Freeze, has taken to Instagram to share a collection of Hushpuppi's viral photograph in female wear, Jesus and the General Overseer of COZA Pastor Fatoyinbo who he has dependably had a go head to head with.

Daddy Freeze who solicited which from the two Nigerian men dressed nearest to the portrayal we have of Jesus, went further to uncover that he's not a grass eating sheep that has lost its detects. He additionally guaranteed he's a man with a receptive outlook, who has invested significant energy to contemplate the Bible.

This is what he composed;

"Which of these 2 Nigerian men is dressed nearest to the delineation we have of Jesus?

At the point when it's an ideal opportunity to gather tithe we are Jews, When it's an ideal opportunity to spruce up, we all of a sudden wind up plainly hip bounce stars and traditionalist Englishmen.

It's getting to be plainly evident who colonized our psyches and it's unquestionably not Jesus; on the off chance that it were, we won't see anything incorrectly in hushpuppi's clothing.

When we inquire as to why they don't dress like Jesus, they answer "circumstances are different". Be that as it may, tithe stays consistent right?

Gracious yes I can go there, I'm not a grass eating sheep that has lost its detects, I'm a man with a receptive outlook, who has invested significant time to examine the Bible, the artifacts of the Jews and numerous old writings, to widen my viewpoint and make me invulnerable to bologna.

A hefty portion of our "otherworldly" fathers, have turned out to be smug in their lessons, and our brains have neglected to advance over their average quality.

An opportunity to free ourselves from this mental subjugation is currently, inability to do as such, is hitting the dance floor with incredible hazard. ~FRZ

Matthew 23:5

[5] Everything they do is accomplished for individuals to see: they make expansive their phylacteries, and expand the outskirts of their pieces of clothing, [6] they adore the place of respect at dinners and the most essential seats in the synagogues; [7] they want to be welcomed with deference in the commercial centers and to be called "Rabbi" by others.

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