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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Nnamdi Kanu is an Ojukwu, an Nzeogwu and an Azikiwe all rolled into one' - FFK says
Former Aviation Minister said this in a new article titled "The Lion of the East" which he shared on his Facebook page this morning. Read the article below and tell us what you think

"Give me a chance to make this bounteously clear appropriate from the start. I cherish and regard Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the preeminent pioneer of the Biafran development, the organizer and convener of the Indigenous Individuals Of Biafra (IPOB) and the man that I have appropiately named as the Lion of the East.

I don't however concur with him on EVERYTHING and neither do I share his perspectives about President Goodluck Jonathan.

I don't trust that Jonathan was feeble or that he was awkward. In actuality I trust that the opposite is the situation.

I trust that he showed monstrous quality and mettle by relinquishing power despite the fact that he didn't lose the 2015 presidential race yet was fairly fixed out of it and despite the fact that he didn't have to do as such.

In the event that Jonathan had been a lesser man and on the off chance that he had needed to do as such he could have hunkered down, challenged the blustering of the then restriction and clutched control regardless of the possibility that it implied that the murderous sociopath that undermined to absorb the country the "blood of puppies and primates" on the off chance that he was not announced victor of that decision felt free to completed his danger.

Rather than challenging the harassing monsters blustering and in this manner imperil the lives of a great many Nigerian individuals, Jonathan said "my being President is not worth the drop of blood of one Nigerian" and he let go.

Just a solid and trained man who is not in the grasp and under the energy of satan and who is not driven by a primitive, inhuman and convincing desire for power can do that.

Jonathan was not frail: he was solid.

Furthermore I trust that his record of infrastructural improvement all through the country is second to none.

In particular in this setting I trust that Jonathan, more than Whatever other President ever, accomplished more to restore and enable the Igbo while he was President.

Having said this I should admit that, other than his past comments about the Yoruba individuals which he made various years prior and which he has let me know secretly and said freely that he never again holds, I am on each of the fours with Nnamdi Kanu on for all intents and purposes everything else.

In all actuality I have a weakness for him and regardless of what he says or does I will dependably adore him like a sibling since he has figured out how to do, in a short space of time, what most can't do in a lifetime: he has won my regard and revived my expectation in Africa and African pioneers.

I trust that he is a bold, solid and dynamic young fellow and in fact the best thing that has happened to the Igbos over the most recent 103 years.

As I suggested in a before article which I composed in the wake of meeting him without precedent for Kuje jail in 2016, he is an Ojukwu, a Nzeogwu and an Azikiwe all moved into one.

Regardless of the thought up and supported disinformation and waste that his numerous depreciators are saying and writing in regards to him, today he stays concentrated on his targets and clear about his central goal: nothing seems to move him and additionally divert him from his calling.

He has a date with history and fate and regardless of what his foes do to him or say in regards to him he should keep that date.

Most essential of all is the way that I comprehend what drives him and fuels his extreeme enthusiasm for the cause that he serves.

I comprehend his consuming yet plainly stifled outrage at the disgraceful and indefensible situation of his Igbo individuals in the contraption called Nigeria.

I can feel his agony and when you sit with him for a drawn out stretch of time, to the perceiving and the delicate in the soul, that torment is infectious as well as truly unmistakable.

Once in a while have I met a man that has so much certified love and worry for his kin. My deference and regard for him stays in place and it can't without much of a stretch be lessened.

Also, honestly in the event that I had been conceived an Igbo individual, given the history and what they have been through in the hands of Nigeria throughout the most recent 57 years, I would have been significantly more radical and uncompromising than even he is.

Actually Nigeria should check herself fortunate that he is a conservative who has not called for nor is he keen on an equipped battle.

On the off chance that that had been the situation and on the off chance that he had made his call to war "blood for blood", things would have been altogether different today and our nation would have been in the appalling bad habit like hold of another common war.

However in spite of his conservative and peaceful approach in this battle there are still such a large number of that basically abhor this rising youthful star for no worthwhile motivation.

Furthermore, there are thousands inside the intelligensia and positions of the Nigerian decision tip top both from the north and the south who restrict what he remains for and disdain the general thought of the foundation another, sovereign and autonomous Biafran country.

Indeed they find such a thought and idea profoundly hostile. They have confidence in flexibility, the lead of law, the privilege of self-assurance, the idea of rebuilding and the reason for opportunity for themselves and their own yet they don't trust that the Igbo individuals merit the privilege to have such opportunities or to settle on such decisions.

What a disagreement and what a disaster. You are agreeable in your chains however when your Igbo siblings say they wish to break theirs and turn out to be free you look to deny them that privilege and you unite with the slave-experts and disclose to them that you will help them to keep the igbo in chains by compel.

Would this be able to be considered as being reasonable and just? Would it be able to be just before God? Would it be able to be managed? Would it be able to be legitimized and protected?

Is it not a mentally untrustworthy, profoundly embittered and completely imperfect position?

Would it be advisable for us to not bow our heads in disgrace when we think and talk this way? Are the Igbo not individuals as well? Do they not have similar rights that we do and that we treasure?

You trust that the general population of Scotland have the privilege of self-assurance yet you don't trust that the general population of Biafra have that perfectly fine.

You trust that the general population of Hong Kong have the privilege of self-assurance however you don't trust that the Biafrans have that great.

You trust that the Palestinians have the privilege of self-assurance yet you don't trust that the Biafrans have that perfectly fine.

You trust that the general population of Northern Ireland have the privilege of self-assurance however you don't trust the Biafrans have that great.

You trust that the Basques and the general population of Catalan in Spain have the privilege of self-assurance however you don't trust the Biafrans have that great.

You trust that the general population of the Unified Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Israel, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Australia, Ghana, Kenya, Benin, East Timor, Ireland, Europe, the previous Yugoslavia, the previous Soviet Union, the previous Czechoslovakia, the previous Malaya, Taiwan, the Sudan, the nations of South America and South East Asia and many other country states all through the world and throughout the years have the privilege of self-assurance yet you don't trust that the general population of Biafra have that all right.

O Nigerians, who has beguiled you? Furthermore, who, similar to Witness Paul's Galatians in the Heavenly Book of scriptures, has put you under a spell?

You shout "rebuilding" when you know exceptionally well that the proprietors of your country and the "destined to administer" will never permit it and that it is a thought and idea that should have been acknowledged, set up and executed numerous years prior.

What consumes in the hearts and souls of most youthful Nigerians today, and this is particularly and understanderbly so with the youngsters of the east, is add up to freedom and autonomy from Nigeria. That is the thing that they need and not simply rebuilding. (TO BE Proceeded)

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