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Saturday, 15 July 2017

sponsorship : 60 Nigerian students to get Turkish scholarship

60 Nigerian students will be offered grants in Turkey,this was made known by the Turkish Represetative to Nigeria, Mr Hakan Cakil, on Friday.

The declaration in Abuja at a news instructions to honor the principal commemoration of the fizzled upset his nation.

He said that there were no less than 100 Nigerian organizations working in Turkey while around 75 Turkish firms were in Nigeria.

The agent said that as a feature of Turkey's joint effort to build up Nigeria's training area, it had been offering grants to Nigerian understudies.

On the July 15, 2016, fizzled upset, he depicted it as fear monger assault.

He affirmed that a compelling Islamic minister, Fethullah Gulen, who had been estranged abroad in the U.S. since 1999, planned the bungled assault.

The assault was supposedly organized by a group of the Turkish Military in a few urban communities in the nation, especially in Ankara and Istanbul.

The emissary said the legislature and individuals of Turkey were all the while attempting to beat the injury of the assault.

"A year ago on the 15 of July, there was an unsuccessful overthrow endeavor in Turkey. Tragically, this overthrow endeavor killed 250 Turkish natives and considerably more extremely injured.

"We are as yet attempting to beat this risk to our nation since it was a noteworthy injury for the Turkish individuals," he said.

He expressed that a few people who wore armed force uniform drove out tanks against the general population and shot at the vast majority of the general population, slaughtering several them, subsequently bringing much injury upon the subjects.

"Really, it was not a run of the mill military upset endeavor or military push; it was a sort of fear based oppressor uprising. Likewise, we can characterize it as a noteworthy psychological militant assault to the power of Turkey," he said.

He depicted the occurrence as the most noticeably awful demonstration of fear based oppression as the plotters made utilization of deadly weapon and contender planes, adding that they endeavored to topple the administration by besieging the Turkish National Gathering.

Cakil said that they additionally endeavored to kill the President and the PM.

He said that the nation was celebrating the occasion to respect those he depicted as "Turkey's saints''.

The envoy utilized the event to acknowledge President Muhammadu Buhari and the general population of Nigeria for their help amid the period.

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