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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Atiku asks rich Nigerians to assist of-school kids

Previous Vice President and originator of American University of Nigeria (AUN) Yola, Atiku Abubakar, has made an energetic request to Nigerians of intends to help philanthropy and compassionate causes that will help in giving formal training to kids who are out of school in the nation.

Atiku Abubakar in a press proclamation discharged by his media office in Abuja on Friday communicated worry at the discouraging measurements of Nigeria as of now having the most astounding number of out-of-school kids universally.

The previous Vice President noticed that given the desperate circumstance in instruction, the most basic apparatus for changing people and impelling development and advancement requires a highly sensitive situation in the training division.

Taking note of that administration can't bear the duty alone, the Waziri Adamawa said that the circumstance needs Nigerians with intends to help training philanthropy activities, for example, the Feed and Read activity of the American University of Nigeria (AUN).

As indicated by the previous Vice President, the Feed and Read Program started in 2015 is intended to give an average supper for every day for the most powerless of kids in Yola, Adamawa State and in the meantime give them introduction to classroom encounter where they are shown Basic English, Arithmetic and Hygiene.

The announcement watched that the Feed and Read program was a reaction to the impact of annihilation and dislodging caused by the Boko Haram danger in the North-East zone of the nation which additionally heightened a surge in the quantity of out-of-school kids in the zone.

"I have dependably been fretted over the parlous condition of training in the North.

When I was Vice President I called a meeting of all the 19 state governors in the North to examine how we could address the issue of absence of sufficient access to formal training by an overflowing number of the youthful populace in the area.

"Terrible as the circumstance seemed to be, the Boko Haram devastation tore separated the little that was left of the framework for formal training particularly in the North-East.

The desperate circumstance caused the AUN to champion the Read and Feed activity which has gotten enormous help from the Irish government and the Atiku Abubakar Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Development.

"I for one needed to intercede by offering support to this activity, guaranteeing that the dinners meet with the standard of an adjusted eating regimen for school youngsters.

I eat sustenance with these kids to demonstrate that the nourishment is sheltered and to draw a greater amount of them into the program. I do this each time I visit the school.

"I am glad when I see these kids restore a formal welcome in English dialect and when they comprehend basic math.

There remains an extensive swath of separation to be secured. Nothing is excessively to give in giving formal training to all kids who are yet to be caught by the instruction foundation that the legislature is attempting indefatigably to make.

"That is the reason I entreat more Nigerians who can manage the cost of it, to extend some assistance to these kids. Any sum, regardless of how little, will go far in having any kind of effect in giving great training to the most helpless youngsters in the North-East as well as in different places in the nation."

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