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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Buhari: Charly boy charges 2face to join challenge president

The frank Nigerian artist, Charles Oputa, prominently called Charly Boy, has encouraged his associate, Tuface Idibia, to talk up against terrible administration.

The 66-year-old vocalist decided in another video posted by means of his Instagram page @Areafada1 guaranteeing he couldn't achieve 2face on the telephone.

He allured on 2face to turn out for the adolescent who are challenging Buhari adminstration

2face was required to lead an across the nation dissent #IStandWithNigeria challenge however hauled out one day before the dissent in February

In the video, Charly Boy stated, "My person 2face, I am not content with you. Since I couldn't contact you straightforwardly, I chose to contact you through this medium.

"Tuface wetin dey happen? you wan reveal to me say you like as this our nation dey jagajaga they go.

"Abi u no find out about the dissent? You no noise dey nerve gas on Areafada confront.

"Turn out regardless of the possibility that it's to energize youngsters who put themselves out for the dissent.

"Do you recollect when you approached Nigerian young people to turn out and challenge?

"We obeyed on the grounds that we thought you had a decent goal to confront the treacheries against the adolescents and masses of this nation. In any case, as you withdrew into a gap from that point forward, I am exceptionally tormented.

"2face would you say you are content with the way Nigeria is going? Is it accurate to say that you are saying you have not head in regards to the resume or leave dissent, why are you not included?"

Charlyboy included that the individuals who overlay their hands when the nation is going south are "a piece of the issue as well as are the f**king issue".

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