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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

"I Would Love To Marry A Man Who Likes $ex And Is Very Good In The Other Room"— Linda Ikeji Reveals

Well known Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, has opened up on her fantasy man.

The expert blogger who has industriously put in a time of her lifetime into the now multiplied exchange of blogging, as of late chose to examine the things she requires in a man she would love to wed.

As indicated by Linda, any man who might at last claim her heart and in the end take her to the sacrificial table must be able and exceedingly handy at the things of the internal room.

Whenever inquired as to whether she has been getting recommendations from suitors and also what she requires in a man she would love to wed, she dropped some intriguing focuses.

She said;

"I'm getting a considerable amount of proposition. You know individuals say when a lady is effective, men flee, it's a lie, that is the point at which they pursue you the more. Be that as it may, lamentably, I haven't seen what I'm searching for.

To be completely forthright, I continue telling individuals, dislike men are rare, it's the sort of man a few of us are searching for that is rare, on the off chance that I need to wed one year from now I can, yet he would not be the sort of man I need.

I need a man that I can admire, somebody that moves me, somebody that would push me, somebody that would inspire me, some individual that has had some achievement in his own vocation way, at that point I can admire him and resemble "stunning", a man that shows me and I can gain from. I'm enlivened by fruitful individuals, somebody like Tyler Perry, I can hardly wait to meet him.

I can't wed a poor person, I'm speaking the truth about it, no I can't, he doesn't need to be extremely rich yet let him be fruitful in his own particular manner. You may run over some fruitful men yet there is something incorrectly there, so the entire bundle is what I'm searching for.

When I resembled 30-years of age, my measures were high, amazingly high, however I wasn't taking a gander at wedding, I was quite recently centered around work since I've generally been ambitious to the point that I wasn't concentrating on marriage or children.

I had a feeling that I should simply do what I needed to do. It was simply as of late that I started to consider marriage, and to be completely forthright, my necessities are just three at this point.

He should be effective, he should be a decent man, as in he should be strong of me, on the off chance that he tries to smother me at that point I'm out. Ultimately, he must take care of business that preferences s*x and must be great at it",

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