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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Putney Bridge jogger: Man captured after lady is thumped before London transport

A man has been captured after a lady was thumped into the way of a transport on Putney Bridge.

The Metropolitan Police said it had captured a 50-year-old man on doubt of causing terrible substantial damage.

Officers had claimed for witnesses following a 33-year-old lady was thumped down and just survived disaster on account of the fast reflexes of a twofold decker transport driver.

The charged ambush occurred as a jogger passed the lady on Putney Bridge on 5 May, at around 7.40am.

The man is in guardianship at a south London police headquarters, the Met said.

He was captured after police called at an address in Chelsea on Thursday morning.

A Met Police articulation stated: "At around 07:40hrs on Friday, 5 May the 33-year-old casualty was strolling crosswise over Putney Bridge on the east side heading towards Putney Bridge Tube Station when a male jogger thumped her over into the street and into the way of an approaching transport, which barely missed hitting her.

"The transport halted and a few travelers got off and hurried to the casualty's guide. She got minor wounds from the episode.

"Around 15 minutes after the fact the jogger returned the other path over the scaffold. The casualty attempted to address him yet he didn't recognize her and carried on running.

"Officers keep on appealing for any observers to the occurrence."

Observers to the charged assault can call Putney more secure neighborhood group on 0208 785 8874 or Crimestoppers namelessly on 0800 555 111.

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