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Monday, 4 September 2017

Police Allegedly Collected N50,000 Bribe And S*xually Abused My Sister

A mother of two, Blessing Taiwo, has cried to the new Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Edgal Imohimi, to spare her from the hands of officer of the counter capturing unit of the charge, who she claimed are as yet debilitating her in the wake of keeping her in a phone with thieves and criminals.

Taiwo likewise asserted that the police gathered N50,000 for her safeguard and have grabbed her telephone, demanding that she should pay an adjust of N20,000 to make up the N70,000 requested.

The casualty, who talked through a NGO, Network on Police Reform in Nigeria (NOPRIM), additionally needs the CP to investigate the claim by her sister who was sexually attacked each time she brought nourishment for her while in detainment.

National Coordinator of NOPRIN, Mr Okechukwu Nwangwuma, in an appeal to CP Imohimi, stated: "NOPRIN asks for the CP Lagos to arrange an incite and unbiased examination of criminal assertions against the Officer in Charge (OC), Anti-Kidnapping Squad, Lagos State Police Command and different corrupt officers under him.

"On August 31, 2017, Juliana Francis, Crime Editor at New Telegraph Newspapers, Lagos got a call from her associate, Juliana Taiwo Obalonye, likewise a columnist with The Sun Newspapers, who educated her that her sister, Blessing, a single parent of two, was captured and kept since August 29, 2017 on the claim that she stole $50,000 having a place with her partner, Mrs Abiola Ojo Osagie with whom she had labored for a long time. Mrs. Abiola Osagie asserted that she cleared out the $50,000 in a pack in her office and went for three weeks.

"At the point when Mrs Osagie returned, she didn't check the sack for some days and when she in the long run checked, she found that the cash was gone and she instantly denounced Blessing since she had a key to the workplace and was responsible for designating individuals to clear that office.

"Osagie revealed the issue at Ikoyi Police Station and Blessing was captured on August 29 2017. The Investigating Police Officer (IPO), after examination, which incorporated an inquiry on Blessing's home and a beware of her ledger, the DPO prompted that Blessing ought to be permitted to go.

"Not happy with the DPO's examination and counsel, Osagie professedly requested that the DPO 'make Blessing admit's to the wrongdoing, however the DPO influenced it to clear to her that torment is not some portion of examination in his station.

"Osagie at that point took the issue to the Anti-Kidnapping and Cultism Unit of the Lagos State Police Command under the charge of Mr. Adejobi, with one Igbin as IPO and OC Anti Kidnapping Section requested that Blessing be bolted up among suspected cultists and hijackers.

"Gift spent the greater part of her hours in the cell crying, with her kids left being taken care of by neighbors. The OC Anti-Kidnapping Unit expressed that Blessing was at fault and declined supplications to concede her safeguard or charge her to court. He determinedly disregarded solicitations and supplications from Blessing's relatives and additionally mediations by writers and other concerned people, to concede Blessing safeguard or charge her to court. The Area "C" Commander and a resigned DSS official likewise called the OC, yet he declined to move.

"Now, Juliana Frances called the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Olarinde Famous-Cole, who revealed to her that he had talked about the case with Adejobi, yet despite everything he declined to yield.

"On September 1, 2027, Blessing's family was approached to go and search for two individuals with legitimate travel permits, N2million in ledger, property that has endorsement of inhabitance (C of O) to take Blessing on safeguard. The policemen additionally requested N70, 000 as a feature of the conditions for safeguard. Gift's sister, Folake said they needed to circled to collect the cash yet were just ready to raise N50, 000 and the OC declined to give her safeguard, demanding that the cash must be finished.

"She affirmed that after much arguing, the OC in the end 'conceded Blessing safeguard', however held unto her cell phone and said they would just discharge the telephone on September 5, on the off chance that she accompanies the adjust of N20, 000.

"Juliana Taiwo, Blessing's sister made further stunning disclosure that their more youthful sister, Florence, who was taking nourishment to Blessing while in authority, said that each time she went to the station to give her sustenance, a policeman (rather than a police lady) would "seek" her. They would request that her strip unclad and would be bumbling her br**sts and putting their hands inside her private part. It was an alternate policeman that grabbed her each time. She was crying while at the same time uncovering this to her sister, clarifying that she would not like to uncover this until her sister, Blessing, was discharged from care.

"One of those policemen who subjected Florence to s*xual manhandle and debasing treatment has the nerve to be calling her, requesting that her meet him some place.

"NOPRIN is stunned at the exemption with which the OC Anti – Kidnapping unit expected the part of specialist, prosecutor and killer. He has indicated clear intrigue and predisposition for this situation. The direct of the OC shows reputation for debasement and mishandle of police control. He is likewise a terrible impact on different officers under him.

"That the OC could keep on unjustifiably confine Blessing past the length allowed by law without demonstrating any proof of her culpability and declining all pleas to either give her safeguard or charge her to court, is an unmistakable exhibit of mishandle of police forces and infringement of the casualty's protected rights additionally explained by the Lagos State Administration of Criminal Justice Law 2011.

"In any case, an instance of taking should not to be taken to or examined by the Anti-Kidnapping Unit but since the complainant and the OC most likely have some individual things in like manner, the OC chose to do her illicit biddings, which the DPO at Ikoyi professionally declined to do.

"NOPRIN requires a provoke examination of these demonstrations of unfortunate behavior and infractions of the law by the OC Ant hijacking and a few officers under him-as plainly ordered in this appeal. "

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